Experts Guide to Walking Frames

Experts Guide to Walking Frames

What is a Walking Frame?

A walking frame is a portable device that provides support for someone who can stand but might be having issues to walk independently. Walking frames are also helpful for those with stiff or weak joints, arthritis, or any injury that restricts their ability to move on their own.

Normally walking frames come with four legs but they come in different varieties and designs like some are intended to be used indoors only while others can be used outdoors.

Not only that, Some walking frames also have wheels on the front two legs and some have wheels on all the four legs and some don’t even have wheels that serve specific needs of a specific person like assistance in maneuverability. 


Walking Frames Without Wheels

The simplest, 'classic' style of the walking frame (without wheels) is sturdy and stable with four rubber stoppers. It also comes in ski-feet and other options that can be used indoors or out, although most frames are unsuitable for use on loose or uneven ground.

Walking Frames with Two Wheels

These types of walkers are intended for indoor use only but it depends on the user who might choose to use outside as well. Two wheels on front with rear stops are designed for an easy movement like a user can continue to take steps without having to reposition the frame with every step. It is suitable for those who have a good balance but need assistance in walking alone.

Walking Frames with Castors and Frames

It is the simplest yet custom made walker designed to be used indoors and outside. This walking frame with two front casters and two rear wheels with high mobility with a nice grip on the ground with castors on the front legs to ensure the safety of its users.

Walking Frames with four wheels

Walking Frame made with lightweight aluminum has four fixed wheels. This frame is intended for those users who can stand on their own and have good strength but they need assistance in mobility. It comes with precautions as it might slip away or can cause fall downs due to the 4 wheels mechanism.

Manufactured from high-quality materials, this lightweight aluminum frame has four fixed wheels.

Some Safety Precautions

To ensure the maximum safety of our customers, we make sure that the walking frame is a good fit and fulfill their needs as we have in house medical experts that provide free consultation but still, we would like to mention some important factors.

  • Most of the frames are height adjustable just make sure to adjust according to your needs to avoid any health issues.
  • Make sure the width of the frame is not too wide that will not only restrict your movement but can also cause some serious problems.
  • The walking frames are normally grasped at the sides, so make sure you only look for a strong, ergonomically shaped handle with easy-grip materials that will be easy to grasp even if the user has a cold, stiff, or wet hands. 
  • In case if someone has a limited grip strength or hand coordination, choose a frame with forearm troughs and vertical handles so you can transfer your weight much more safely and comfortably.
  • Although all the walking frames come with capped rubber ferrules, make sure they are strong enough and don’t leave marks on the floor.
  • The frame should be strong enough that it can handle the user's maximum weight, Always check and review before making your final decision.
  • Most of the walking frames come with folding options so it can be stored in a small place like a car trunk, whenever you are going to use it just make sure you have unfolded it correctly so it shouldn’t fold by an accident to avoid any issue.



We have an in-house medical experts team that are available to guide you in case of any assistance, We highly recommend to seek our expert’s advice before making any decision.


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