Queen knights Captain Tom Moore at Windsor Castle

Queen knights Captain Tom Moore at Windsor Castle

Captain Sir Thomas Moore, popularly known as “Captain Tom”, is a former British Army officer and centenarian, known for his achievements raising money for charity in the run-up to his 100th birthday during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Captain Tom Moore, who became a national hero in Britain after raising more than £33 million for health workers in the run-up to his 100th birthday, was knighted by Queen Elizabeth in July 2020. Captain Tom was photographed using a Server will receiving his Knighthood!

The stylish Server rollator has a unique triangle profile ensuring a steady frame design. It is among the lightest and easiest to turn rollators on the market in the 150 kg user category. 

For outdoor and indoor use.
Warranty: 8-years limited.

Inclusive crutch holder.
Step pedal and safety reflectors all around.
Practical removable textile shopping bag (5 kg max load).

The Server folds easily and stays that way with a simple locking system that doubles up as an ergonomically shaped carrying handle.

Steady and durable
The frame and seat are tested and approved for maximum user weight of 150 kg. It has light and reliable brakes with TPE covered unbreakable wheels.

The Server is available in 3 sizes – Small, Medium and Large – with a range of settings within these sizes.
Seat heights: Large/62 cm, Medium/55 cm and Small/50 cm.
All sizes have a seat width of 46 cm.

Height adjustable
The push handles are easy height adjustable in a range of 63 – 102 cm.

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