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What to consider before buying a Rollator/Walker

A rollator is also known as a walker with wheels and frames that provide stability and assist in walking for its users and often comes with useful accessories such as a seat, brakes, shopping basket, and much more.

The most robust of the walking frames/rollators are known for their lightweight aluminum range that is strong, easy to maneuver, and intended for outdoor use.

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Experts Guide to Walking Frames

Experts Guide to Walking Frames

A walking frame is a portable device that provides support for someone who can stand but might be having issues to walk independently. Walking frames are also helpful for those with stiff or weak joints, arthritis, or any injury that restricts their ability to move on their own.

Normally walking frames come with four legs but they come in different varieties and designs like some are intended to be used indoors only while others can be used outdoors.


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The Uccello kettle makes pouring a kettle as light as a feather!

The Uccello kettle makes pouring a kettle as light as a feather!

The Uccello kettle gives a greater sense of confidence and peace of mind for either yourself or your loved one.

The Uccello comes in a modern design and is available in red and black.

Can be used for anyone who struggles with the weight and movement of a using a kettle - arthritis, MS, repetitive overuse syndrome. The kettle is really useful for people with or without disabilities.

The keywords here are ease and safety. Come and check out the Uccello yourself. Pop into the Equipment Plus store to have a look and have a chat with one of our team.

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