What to consider before buying a Rollator/Walker

A rollator is also known as a walker with wheels and frames that provide stability and assist in walking for its users and often comes with useful accessories such as a seat, brakes, shopping basket, and much more.

The most robust of the walking frames/rollators are known for their lightweight aluminum range that is strong, easy to maneuver, and intended for outdoor use.

These are different from the conventional walking frames in sense robustness, heaviness, and are equipped with accessories such as bags, adjustable height handles, trays. They may be supplied in adult, pediatric, bariatric, tri-wheel, and four-wheeled versions.



The Tri-walker is a great cost-effective model that combines maneuverability and portability. It's also perfect for people who have trouble getting standard walkers in and out of the car.



Four Wheeled Walkers

The 4 wheeled walkers are most robust of the walking frames and are lightweight in aluminum range intended for high weight users.

Cub Walker

Knee Walker:

Knee Walker is an innovative mobility device for foot or ankle injuries. Includes basket and height-adjustable seat. 

Knee Walker


Safety Considerations:


Safety is obviously the number one concern, so consider the following before committing to any particular product or consult with our medical experts:

  • Grip & brakes - Are they easy to grip with gloves and comfortable? Do they have a proper hand brake system if possible parking brake option?

  • Handles - Are the handles easy to grip and have adjustable height?

  • Wheels Options  - Make sure they are suitable for your intended needs, Does the size of wheels suits you? There are options when it comes to choosing wheels like skid-proof wheels.

  • Seat - Make sure the seat placed on the rollator is of the right size and fitted properly that can handle your weight.

Functional Considerations:

Rollators come in a variety of designs and options to choose from and some are highly customizable. When choosing a rollator you should consider a few factors like user’s individual needs and available options. The following are some factors that might be useful:

  • Design & Usability - You should make sure the rollator is equipped with the height-adjustable seat and handles? Is it comfortable to walk without hitting the frame or wheels?
  • Easily Storable - Make sure if it folds/unfolds easily and takes less space in your car trunk or home.
  • Customizability - Does it offer the benefits of fitting with useful accessories like a tray, front basket, extra bag, walking stick, lamp, or umbrella holder?
  • Unique features - if the user encounters a lot of obstacles then they should look special curb-climber and for reduced grip strength, look for rollator handles that have arthritic attachments for strong grip and stability.
  • Wheel options - Walkers come in 3 and 4 wheel options and serve the unique needs, three-wheelers are often lighter in weight and easy to store. However, you should go with your specific needs and be aware that a three-wheeled rollator cannot be used with a pair of channel ramps.
  • Strength and portability - Make sure to verify that the rollator handles the maximum user weight.


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