A Guide to Mobility Equipment for special kids with pediatric conditions

A Guide to Mobility Equipment for special kids with pediatric conditions

As a non-profit disability organization, we think It is our prime responsibility to provide advice and consultation based on individual needs! But here we’ll discuss the common mobility assistance and equipment needs that will help Children’s in walking. 


The following is a brief guide to mobility equipment and walking aids for the Children of our society who needs special care in terms of their mobility needs. At NorthAble we have a wide range of equipment and professional consultants who are ready to give FREE valuable advice. 

However, Every Individual needs and preference are different. So, they should seek professional advice based on their condition, need's & choices before making any purchase


Pediatric Condition & Its Implications: 

There is nothing like having Children as a parent whether it’s Father or Mother BUT humans are GOD’s best creation in the Universe. As a human being, we all have some sort of disability in different conditions like If someone has more wealth, they don’t have health, some are short & some are tall, few of us has mental health issues and few are trying to make a living while putting everything on risk. Some have visible disabilities and most of us have Invisible disabilities and those Invisible disabilities are more critical as we aren't even aware of those. 


Here, we’ll talk about Pediatric conditions in Children who need our assistance in walking. 

There is a certain type of mobility aid equipment that can help a Child in walking Independently like, Crutches, Walking Frames, Rollators, and Mobility Scooters. In some special cases, there might be a need for gait trainers. Whatever the case is the ultimate goal Equip – Enable – Empower with independent mobility not just in walking but in life as well. 

The ultimate decision of buying equipment depends on the user’s health and stability as if he/she is weak. If they have the dexterity to handle certain conditions whether in day to day or short-term rehabilitation with such an equipment or mobility solution to support them. 


Walking Frames for Special Kids: 

There is a certain type of walking frame with and without castor wheels, but in Children’s case, the walking frames are used and preferred which typically has 4 caster wheels and are mounted on separate legs or with semi-continuous frames! 

Most of the frames designed for height adjustable on the forearms or the whole trunk of the body again depends on the user’s condition and personal needs 

Always keep in mind, look for the frame which is adjustable, maneuverable, and suited for current and near-future growth as well as Indoor & outdoor mobility conditions. There are other features to be considered like brakes, seat, extra padding, anti-tip/rollback devices which works as a safety measure. 


Rollators for Special Kids: 

Typical Rollators tend to be strong, lightweight, maneuverable, and highly transportable due to its size and nature. Rollators are Intended for children who have good strength and balance but need assistance in walking.  

This type of rollators normally comes with handled cable brakes, bottle holders as well curb lifters to assist in overcoming stair steps, road, and other small obstacles, and even with seats which are very useful in case the user needs some rest. Look for features like easy folding, transportable, height adjustable, good grips, Inside/outside usability to assist the user independently in day-to-day conditions. 


Gait Trainers for Special Kids: 

The gait trainers serve the same purpose but with different use case scenarios like assist the users to regain their walking and balance gradually. The most use cases are after some sort of surgery or in rehabilitation. Gait Trainers designed to take and absorb user’s weight while assisting them in standing or walking and often comes with features and accessories that can assist in walking and also work as hip positioners; trunk supports and guides for the thighs and ankles. The User’s medical condition and preferences are the keys to deciding to go with a gait trainer or specific rollators or walkers. 


Important Considerations: 

  • Rust and damage resistance are important factors for any product that is intended to be used inside and outside. 
  • Strength – Double check that the specific model's maximum weight capacity and durability are appropriate for the user. 
  • Advice – Always seek professional advice from medical experts. 

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