A Brief Guide to Shower Chairs & It's Types

A brief guide to shower chairs available for people with impairments or who may find it difficult to have a shower themselves. There are different types of shower chairs with different use scenarios, benefits, and limitations. However, An individual should only base their decision on their individual needs and should seek medical consultants advice before making a purchase.


Shower Chair Explained:

A shower chair is just like other chairs but is custom designed to provide support in the shower room and helps in avoiding the inconvenience of bather to stand up who may suffer from restricted mobility. Normally shower chairs are designed to be waterproof and comfortable to keep its user safe for a comfortable bathing experience. 

When it comes to choosing the shower chairs one should keep in mind the safety and comfort for the user and should consider their individual needs and preferences whilst selecting the chair.

 For Example: CUB Shower Chair


  • Fully adjustable
  • Made from epoxy-coated mild steel
  • Pre-treated for rust protection
  • Adjust the seat height and angle to suit 


  • Width inside arms: 450mm
  • Seat height adjusts: 420mm - 550mm
  • Max. user weight: 125kg

Multi-Functional Shower Chairs

Some of the shower chairs serve as multi-functional chairs like a removable commode fitting base under the seat which can help its user to have a comfortable bath but to use it as a commode as well. 

Most of the chairs are made out of stainless steel with rustproof coating and adjustable height and angle options, buying such types of multi-function shower chairs can make a big difference when it comes to usability and comfort.


Shower Stools:

When it comes to shower chairs and seats the shower stools aren’t left behind when it comes to usability and high mobility.

For Example: CUB Shower Stool Viking - Stainless Steel

The new stainless steel frame makes this shower stool with arms non-rust, non-scratch, and easy to clean. Longer lasting and more durable. These compact stools are designed for use in the perching position and are height-adjustable. Arms assist the user to get on and off the seat.

Sit while you shower!


  • Fully adjustable
  • Made from epoxy-coated mild steel
  • Pre-treated for rust protection
  • Adjust the seat height and angle to suit 

Wall mounted Folding Shower Chair

Some people may prefer a permanent solution when it comes to the shower chairs to avoid the hustle of taking a chair in and out while they already face restricted mobility health issues.

Wall-mounted folding chairs also known as fixed shower seats which are usually fixed on the wall at a preferred place to drop down and a hinge mechanism so they can easily fold against the wall to save more space when not required. However, always make sure that the wall-mounted chair can bear its user weight and the wall is strong enough to hold it.

For Example: JAECO Shower Seat Folding

It’s a domestic fold down shower seat that can be mounted on the wall for ease of use.


  • Folds down from the wall
  • Plastic seat top
  • Specifications: 450mm x 385mm

Important Features of a Good Shower Chair

Which of the features are good depends on the type of shower chairs, their functions, and use case scenarios. A good purchase decision should be based on the following.

  • Stability and Ground Grip- A non-slip ferrules on the feet or independently lockable castor wheels.

  • User Friendly - It should be user friendly like the height, width, and depth of the seat should suit the user’s personal needs like an adjustable model.

  • Water & Rust Proof - The chair should be water and rustproof so it can drain the water away quickly to dry for user comfort.

  • Secure & Comfortable Seat - The Seat should be comfortable for its user stability, security, and support. look for good ergonomic designs and the availability of waterproof cushioning.

  • High Mobility - It should be highly mobile like detachable armrests that can make side transfers easier. Swing-away footrests are also helpful.

  • Easy cleaning - The chair should be easy cleaning in warm, humid conditions enabling many molds and other microorganisms to thrive. so look for a chair with antibacterial, easy-clean materials.

  • Strength & durability - You should do a proper check that the product's maximum weight capacity is sufficient for the intended use and is durable to last for a longer period of time?

  • Tilting  Ability - A mobile chair that puts the user in a more stable position and helps the caregiver to adjust the convenient posture.

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