The Uccello kettle makes pouring a kettle as light as a feather!

The Uccello kettle makes pouring a kettle as light as a feather!

It’s that time of year. The days are starting to get cooler. Time to enjoy a hot cuppa. But if you have trouble lifting a full kettle. Then the Uccello kettle is for you.

The backstory for Uccello

Uccello is an Australian based company which has become a leader in assistive living technology. Italian-born founder and inventor Andy De Petra came to Australia at a young age, bringing with him an inherent knowledge of quality craftsmanship and design, and a love for coffee.

Diagnosed with arthritis in 2011 it became a challenge for Andy to complete everyday tasks. He became frustrated with the difficulty of lifting a kettle full of water to make his morning coffee. On finding that there were no options, he focused his efforts on designing a kettle that would ease the struggle and enable people to maintain their independence.

Reflecting its resemblance to a small bird along with the fluid motion when pouring, the Kettle was named ‘Uccello’, Italian for a bird.

The Uccello kettle has been designed for people with restricted mobility and strength, by someone who understands the difficulty from personal experience.

The Uccello is fantastic for those wanting to maintain their independence.

You can comfortably make a hot drink for yourself while home alone.  One of the questions that are often asked, is how to fill the kettle. The option is to pour water into the Uccello with smaller cup or jug. 

Dropping the kettle or missing the cup while pouring boiling water from a heavy kettle can make using a kettle dangerous. The Uccello is a much safer way of handling boiling water than your regular kettle.

The Uccello has some nifty features. The main feature would be the sturdy cradle that the Uccello sits securely in. The cradle smoothly rotates to mean you can gently move the kettle to and from a pouring position. It can be easily removed or returned into the cradle without fuss.

The easy touch lid makes opening the lidless fiddly. A press button to open and pour water into the top of the kettle, with a large, hinged lid makes filling and cleaning more convenient.

The Uccello has a tapered spout for greater precision when pouring.

You don’t have to lift, strain, balance or aim. The steady base and pouring allow for effortless and steady pouring.

The ergonomically designed handle is light enough to use comfortably. The Uccello automatically returns to the upright position when the handle is released. So more worries about dropping the kettle when returning the kettle upright from its pouring position.

Author: Niki Clark