Choosing the right Chairs for Elderly and Disabled People

Choosing the right Chairs for Elderly and Disabled People

Every individual has it’s own preferences and specific needs.

The following is a brief guide to different types of chairs that suits the individual specific needs available to make everyday life much more comfortable. However, a lot of factors can affect the customer’s decision like purchasing power, personal preference, and, If possible always seek advice from the medical ad care professionals.


Types of Chair

When it comes to choosing a chair there are several categories like an armchair for people with disabilities as well as high back chairs which provide support to the upper body and having wings can support the shoulders neck and head. There are typically good chairs with high-sided armrests for security, healthy, upright posture, and offer comfort.


Moreover, People having difficulty using chairs without assistance - there is a wide range of manual ad automatic chairs which makes it easy to stand, sit, and even lay down, Even it helps the people with limited strength, stiff joints, or conditions such as arthritis to comfortably make adjustments according to their needs using motorized rise-and-recline chairs.



There are some chairs with high dependency which allows multiple adjustments to support the movement of positions without much assistance. Normally these chairs are mounted on a maneuverable mobile base and should be cushioned for those who are most likely to spend prolonged periods in the chair itself to avoid any major health issues like developing pressure sores.



How to choose the right Fabric

Most of the time, the fabric choice comes down to the two simple things in which color and texture reflecting the user’s preference based on their house/room design and color patterns. However, there are still some considerations a customer should keep in mind.

  • Durable & Good Material:
    A good chair doesn’t necessarily just have to be durable but a good material that should withstand for many years being a favorite chair it should also withstand the wear and tears for daily use.
  • Hygienic Material:
    When choosing the chair look for the material that can be easily washable and easy to wide spills. If there is a fear of food and drink spills then it is better to look for a material that is Waterproof such as polyurethane and vinyl. 
  • Breathability:
    It is better to have such material that is also breathable and on top of that use some chair tops that will allow the airflow from getting the user to feel damp or uncomfortable at the same time.


Some of the important features to Consider:

  • Removable arms - to facilitate side transfers and if it has swing-away armrests
  • Removable, breathable and waterproof quilt set & it relieves pressure points 
  • Infill panels under the arms - to exclude draughts and retain heat.
  • Angled seat - a slight forward tilt on static chairs can make it easier for the user to sit, rise and even stand
  • Chair Wheels - If a chair can set on wheels or a mobile base makes it possible to relocate the user without their having to stand or make a transfer or much stress.
  • Chair raisers/Recliners - A seat that can be easily adjustable like help in sitting, standing, or even some adjustments for comfort will always be the highest priority.
  • Imported Seat raisers - Have a seat raiser also works like a recliner but is less expensive, If you are low on a budget consider this option.

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