A buying guide to Walking Sticks and it's types

A buying guide to Walking Sticks and it's types

There are different types of walking sticks for the people needing assistance with their personal mobility but every individual has their unique set of needs. Anyone looking to purchase a walking stick always considers their individual preferences and seek advice from medical consultants and experts.

Type of Walking Sticks:

There are many types of walking sticks some are with solid shafts or with telescopic and some have folding shafts, which are easier to pack and carry. 

The Lenght of Walking Sticks:

A perfect sized walking stick considered to be easily reachable to the user’s wrist while the toe is touching the ground making sure the user is standing, this helps in putting the handle at a comfortable height for the user’s hand which allows the weight to be transferred on the stick without placing undue strain on the muscles or joints of the arm. 

However, the individual preferences always play an important part as some users may prefer to be able to lock their elbow while keeping their arm straight, wishlist others think that it’s a correct fit when the user’s hand is on the top of the stick and the forearm is parallel to the ground.

A fixed-length walking stick should be considered carefully because in some cases like wooden sticks are none adjustable and can be of the exact length with a non-slip rubber ferrule. The walking sticks which are made of metal are normally adjustable which makes it more user friendly to make adjustment according to their needs in unique conditions and are lightweight specifically designed for usage on uneven grounds.

Walking Stick Shapes

One of the most common shapes/designs of a walking stick is having a straight shaft ending with rubber ferrule making it slip-resistant and very easy to carry and store. As always there is also a factor of individual preference as some users might require more stability and support based on their health issues like wide-base sticks that are placed at the bottom of the stick which may have three or even four 'feet' for better weight and height management while making contact with the ground. This makes it difficult to pack and carry.


Fisher Cane

Lightweight cane designed with arthritic grip

Am Fisher Cane also called a "Derby" grip, this handle style is especially suitable for people with Rheumatoid Arthritis. It is ergonomically designed to take the weight through the palm, especially helpful when the user doesn't have great strength in their fingers. The shaft is made of lightweight aluminum and it is easily height adjustable.

Available in two color options - Black or Bronze.  It also needs to be specified whether it will be used in the left or right hand.

Height Adjustment 780 - 1016 mm


AM Fisher Cane


T-Handle Folding

AM Walking Stick - Folding

The comfort T-handle is made of plastic - but looks like wood. The aluminum shaft allows this cane to be lightweight, durable, and adjustable.

AM Walking Stick Folding

Quad Walking Stick

Another type of walking stick which has 4 feet touching the ground fully aluminum extra lightweight quad walking stick.

AMW Quad Walking Stick



Walking Stick Handles

When we think of walking stick handles and most will imagine the traditional designs but walking sticks offers a wide range of designs and crook handles. The conventional crook offers simplicity, easy to carry and store friendliness, it’s not ideal for people who have limited grip strength and health issues that can make it a stressful choice.

Stick Swan Handle

Swan handle walking stick made from lightweight aluminum with non-slip, rubber tip/ferrule. Available in black, bronze, or leopard print. It's lightweight aluminum construction, Curved swan handle with foam grip which has adjustable height with 10 levels and lock and non-slip rubber tip/ferrule.

Stick Swan Handle


Wooden Derby Handle

Wooden dery handles are classic which comes in chestnut or cherry stained spiral are beautifully crafted for expected users. It has a full-length 930mm (trimmable, according to height) and Max user weight: 100kg.

Wooden Derby Handle


Wooden Crook Handle

There are wooden crook handles and are preferred by some people based on their specific needs. These handles come in both male and female styles.

Wooden Crook Handle


We have beautifully designed Comfy Grip handles that helps in spreading the entire weight across the whole hand and is ideal for the people with reduced dexterity or grip strength. There are other designs and types of handles that are also helpful in placing the weight on the palm to help with mobility and balancing.

Another design called T- handle mobilis with free-standing Stability Foot is an innovative walking stick accessory offering increased mobility and safety. The free-standing feature allows the user to ‘let go’ of their walking stick and have it remain in an upright position.

This also reduces the risk of falling as the user is not required to stoop to pick up the walking stick. The larger, sturdier footprint provides stability on uneven terrain and absorbs shock, which in turn reduces the impact on the hand and wrist.

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