Diabetic Sock Calf


Eversoft Diabetic Sock by SIGVARIS

Compression 8-15mmHg 

Thick padded soles, heels and toes for comfort and protection. With flat, low friction toe seam. The soft stretchable knit-in band prevents pinching.

Compression from ankle to knee and a compression free foot.

Best suited for:

  • People with diabetes
  • Individuals with limited dexterity or low tolerance to compression
  • Those with sensitive skin 
  • Individuals wanting less compression in the foot

Latex free and white with closed toes.

Easy to size - just ankle circumference and shoe size- see files for measuring and size chart

Sizing Chart

Size Small

Small than Shoe Size 7.5 for Women

Small than Shoe Size 6.5 for Men

Ankle Circumference - 7"-9.5" or 18-24cm

Size Medium

Shoe Size 7.5-9.5 for Women

Shoe Size 6.5-8.5 for Men

Ankle Circumference - 7.5"-10" or 19-26cm

Size Large

Shoe Size 10-12 for Women

Shoe Size 9-11 for Men

Ankle Circumference - 8"-10.5" or 20-27cm

Size Xtra Large

Shoe Size 12.5-15 for Women

Shoe Size 11.5-14 for Men

Ankle Circumference - 8.5"-11.5" or 21-29cm

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