Contact Mat


Signals when someone steps on it

Place the contact mat by the front door or by the bed and connect it to the telephone transmitter or baby monitor to be alerted when someone enters the room or leaves the bed. 

Use the contact mat together with the Visit telephone transmitter to be notified when someone gets out of bed or enters/leaves a room. When someone steps on it, the Visit telephone transmitter signals the Visit receiver that notifies you with sound, lights or vibrations.

This is a pressure- contact mat that is placed at the bedside an will output to an alarm at the first footstep. 

This mat can also be connected directly to the Bellman Pro and Visit Alarm Clocks.

This product requires additional parts to work!

Technical specifications

Dimension - 540 x395 x 4.6 mm, 21" x 16" x 0.2"

Weight - 255g, 9 oz

Connector - 3.5 mm mono jack plug

Cable length - 200 cm, 6.6"

Dustproof and sealed to IP65 (not waterproof)


Contact - N/O normally 

Contact resistance - 1 Omega (depending on pressure)

Operating pressure - Nominal 25 kg over 50 mm disc. 

Temperature range - -5 to 65 degrees, 5 to 149 Fareheit 

Maximum ratings

Contact rating - Max 10 VA

Switching voltage - Max 25 VDC

Switching current - Max 025 Amps DC resistive

Carry current - Max 0.25 Amps Dc resistive 

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