Sock - Extra Wide Style 67X


This extra large sock is a soft Health Sock made with fine merino wool blended with nylon for a long life. It is knitted with a rib to allow extra stretch around the foot and leg and to provide a firm fit so that the sock does not slip or become baggy. 




No tight elastic comfort top

1x1 rib for extra sideways stretch

Stay up without restricting circulation

May assist diabetics

Suitable for both ladies & men

Knitted wider than a normal sock to fit larger feet 

Minimum leg and foot pressure is achieved by using twisted wool/nylon for stretch instead of elastane



Wool Blend 50% Fine merino wool, 50% Polyamide

Cotton Blend 85% mercerised cotton (only available in size XL)


Sizing Guide:

Small - Ladies 3-8, Men's 4.5-7 Australian/UK Shoe size

Medium - Ladies 8-11, Men's 7-10 Australian/UK Shoe size

Large -  10-13 Australian/UK Shoe size

XL - 13-16 Australian/UK Shoe size

XXL - 14+ Australian/UK Shoe size


Colour Options:



Navy (only available for XXL size)

Scots Grey

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