Oakwood Landing Mat - Large

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This thin, yet firm landing mat protects patients from severe fall related injuries by absorbing and redirecting impact forces should a fall occur. A high density core prevents a sudden bottoming out against the floor, as the free-floating bottom fabric dissipates the downwards force along the underside of the mat, effectively slowing the momentum of the person in a way that is similar to an airbag.


  • Easy clean surface

  • Only 25mm thick with tapered-to-the-floor edging

  • Prevents tripping and permits carts, chairs, beds and tables to roll over easily

  • Heavy duty vinyl cover, bonded to provide greater impact distribution

  • Non-slip vinyl base prevents slipping away from the bedside

  • Sealed construction


  • Dimensions: 915mm x 1780mm

  • Mat thickness: 25mm (with tapered edges)

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