Carbon Ultralight Walker

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Carbon Fibre Ultralight

At just 4.8kg the byAcre Carbon Utralight is the lightest walker in the world and uses space age technology and best of Danish design. Winner of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in 2019, this fantastic walking frame is perfect for those who live an active lie, travle with their walker pften and need to be able to easily lift it. Featured in Wall Street Journal in AUgust 2020 and in the Financial Times in COtober 2021, this walker is literally flying ut the door.   

by ACRE's Carbon Fibre Ultralight  boasts: 

Fantastic design with carbon fibre frames and aircraft grade aluminium

Automotive inspired dynamic styling Ergonomic "ïnverted"handles that support optimal posture and reduces strain on the wrists and joints.

A boomerang shaped frame that reduces vibration travel to the hands 200mm soft and comfortable tyres on all 4 wheels

Push button for height adjustment in 30 mm increments

Easy vertical folding for storage and transport - only 255 mm wide when folded. 

Height: min. 790 mm, max 910 mm

Weight: 4.8 kg

Additional Information and Sizing (Compact, Regular, Wide)

Dimensions: 70 x 25 x 80 cm

Colour: Oyster White, Strawberry Red, Carbon Black

Rollator Weight: 4.8 kg (Compact Track) 4.8 kg (Regular Track) 4.9 kg (Wide Track)

Seat Width: 41 cm (Compact Track), 42 cm (Regular Track), 47 cm (Wide Track)

Seat Height: 56 cm (Compact Track), 61 cm (Regular Track), 61 cm (Wide Track)

Width: (1.5 cm (Compact Track), 62.5 cm (Regular Track), 66.5 cm (Wide Track) 

Width: 25 cm

Width between handles: 38 cm (Compact Track), 39 cm (Regular Track), 44 cm (Wide Track)

Handle height: 79 - 91 cm

Length: 66 cm


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