Elysee Mobility Chair - Manual or Electric option

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The Elysee Mobility Chair is a very sturdy wheeled frame chair, especially thought-out for dependent people needing an auxiliary. This chair is exclusively designed for patients unable to remain in a seated upright position without help. Option to be Manual or Electric.


New Model! This Elysee mobility chair is intended for patients who have an inability to maintain a sitting position without support.
The Élysée armchair has a rolling chassis designed for patients requiring the assistance of a companion.
A compact product practical and mobile (indoor / outdoor use).
Equipped with a manual leg rest, adjustable by rack (6 positions). The legrest is in the alignment of the seat in the semi-recumbent position. In addition, its width and that of the seat are identical in order to ensure the patient a better support and comfort.
It is equipped with a foot brake system accessible on 3 sides for the caregiver.

The conviviality and the dignity of the user are preserved by the chairs height of the armrests allowing access to dining tables
Optional with a pull-down lap tray

A standard hands-free kit provides extra security. Lockable remote control

Press both buttons (White and Green) for 15 seconds: The remote control is locked Press the two buttons (White and Green) again for 3 seconds: The remote control is unlocked.
4-wheel chassis: 2 rear wheels 300 mm and 2 front wheels 200 mm
Manual rack-and-pinion support (6 positions)
Inclination : 30 °
Seat height : 45 cm
Maximum weight: 130kg
Manual or Electric option
Range of colours/finishes

Fabric/Colour/Finish: Choice of Coverings & Finishes

Manufactured: France


Warranty: 5 Years

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