Wrist/Thumb Support - 8"

Save $39.50


Relieves pain and stabilizes thumb

Thermoplastic support stabilizes thumb

Thermoplastic insert may be removed as healing progresses

Keeps the CMC and MCP joints in a neutral position

Ideal for Ulnar/radial collateral ligament injury, Arthritis, DeQuervain’s tenosynovitis, MCP or CMC joint dislocation, Gamekeeper’s thumb


Sizing Guide:  

Measure circumference of your wrist


User Guide:

Insert the thermoplastic plate into the pocket

Pour hot water (about 75 degrees) into the pocket. Water temperature can not be above 100 degrees.

Pour out water when thermoplastic plate is moldable

Mold the plate and wait until it becomes stiff. Dry support with a towel

Adjust the velcro strap for correct fitting of the support

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