Ramp - Standard Wedge (Square Sides)


Recycled Rubber Standard Threshold Ramps (Square Sides). Made from Recycled car tyres sourced in New Zealand.




The ramps are heavy enough to stay in position without being fixed

Portable options that can be taken with you to friends houses/ cafes/ parks

Custom made to suit any doorway or step


Sizing Options:

Height x Length x Width

15mm x 250 x 800

20mm x 250 x 800

30mm x 250 x 800

40mm x 250 x 800

50mm x 350 x 800

50mm x 500 x 800

60mm x 350 x 800

65mm x 600 x 800

75mm x 350 x 800

75mm x 750 x 800

90mm x 900 x 900

100mm x 900 x 900



Guaranteed for 5 years from wear and tear with standard usage.

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