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The award-winning Rollz Motion is one of a kind. Just like one of those Transformers you see in the movies, this machine will convert from a walker to a wheelchair with just a flick of the wrist. Perfect for those who want to walk but worry about how far they can go. With its large wheels for superior manoeuvrability and state of the art brakes, this is the ultimate in assisted walking.

An award-winning and beautifully designed rollator that converts simply into a wheelchair in seconds:

  • gives you the confidence to go further
  • innovative and award-winning design
  • superior brakes suited to wet and dry conditions
  • folds into the compact and transportable size
  • strong frame and wheels
  • allows you to stand and walk tall, instead of leaning forward
  • safe with superior manoeuvrability

 From rollator to a wheelchair in 4 easy steps:

  1. Click the Rollz wheelchair package into the Rollz Motion. 
  2. Pull the backrest into position in one flowing motion.
  3. Turn the handles from the rollator position, and adjust them to the right height for person who's going to push.
  4. Then click the footrests into place at the front... and continue your journey in comfort and style.


Colours: Matt Jungle Green

Tyres: Pneumatic (air - filled) 

Weight: 11.4 kg

Wheelchair attachment weight: 3.4 kg

Maximum weight: 125 kg

User height: 1.6 - 1.9 m 

Seat height: 55 cm

Handle height range: 87-98 cm

Seat size rollator: 20 cm x 45 cm

Seat size wheelchair: 42 cm x 45 cm

Overall length: 63 cm

Overall width: 67 cm

Width folded: 29 cm

Front wheel diameter: 8 inch x 1/4 inch

Back  wheel diameter: 8 inch x 2/4 inch 

Unfolded h x b x d: 86-102 x 65.5 x 63 cm

Seat depth: 42 cm

Seat width: 45 cm

Diameter front wheel: 8 inches

Diameter back wheel: 12 inches


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