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Invented 12 years ago the Happy Nappy and has quickly become a worldwide success story. Used in 25 countries and multi award winning, the Happy Nappy is now insisted upon by most major swim schools in the UK and globally. The Happy Nappy prevents leakage of those unwanted leaks that none of us want to be sharing the pool with, protecting your baby, you and all the other pool users. Disposable swim nappies and traditional cloth nappies are not effective in stopping poo leaks into pools. That’s why your swim school will ask you to buy a Happy Nappy product.

Happy Nappy Sizes :

Size                                     Waist                                 Thigh

Extra Small Newborn           31-36 cm                          15-20 cm

Small 3-6 mth                      34-41 cm                          17-22 cm

Medium 3-6 mth                  37-44 cm                          19-24 cm

Large 6-12 mth                    40-47 cm                          20-26 cm

Extra Large 1-2 yr                42-50 cm                          22-31 cm

Extra Extra Large 2-3 yr       44-52cm                           26-33 cm

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