Shorts - Child


A board short with a built in absorbent (winged) pad specially designed to catch and contain fluid lost.



Built in, 200ml absorbent (winged) pad

Double elastic at the leg

Elastic at the wait and drawstring for complete protection

All round protection for both urine and/or faeces incontinence


100% waterproof and reusable (washable).

Designed to be worn in swimming and hydrotherapy pools



3 years: 40cm - 65cm         

4-7years: 45cm - 70cm            

7-10years: 50cm - 75cm                 

10-12 years: 55cm - 80cm             

12-14 years: 60cm - 85cm        

Custom sizing also available upon request


Please note, these products are purchased upon order. Please allow up to 24 days for delivery.

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