STAY Bib - Scarf Style


A fashionable style Scarf Bib with detatchable Scarf designed to protect patients from dampness & moisture while the scarf disguises the bib.



Waterproof backing

Polar fleece surface

Domes & loops to secure the scarf to the Bib


Colour/Pattern Options:

Berry Bliss

Jade Check

Yellow Daffidol


Green Jade (Medium Size Only)

Rag Doll Ptich

Balck/White Check

Navy Floral

Strawberry Patch

Turtle Print


On The Farm  (Medium Size Only)


Care Instructions:

Machine washable & Tumble dryer friendly

(We do not recomend the use of Harsh Bleaches)


Sizing Guide:

Size: Large (Adult size) to fit up to 40 - 46cm Neck

 Medium (Adult Size) to fit up to 34-36cm Neck

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