PERM Hip Protector Starter Pack

Save $5.00

This hip protector pack comes with pockets for easy removal of shields, which can be sold separately. Hip protectors with the shields sewn into the garment are also available upon request. 



Provides protection of the hips for the prevention of fractures

Soft enough to sleep in comfortably but still very strong and durable

Removable protective shields


Sizing guide:

It is important that the hip protectors fit properly. Waist measurement only required. Measurement is best if person is standing. In larger sizes, if the persons waist measurement is on the border of sizes shown on the chart and a snug fit is preferred, you may want to choose the next size down.


User guide:

Wear the hip protector briefs over normal underwear; there is also room  for incontinence products as required. Fit the hip protector over hip bone to absorb shock away from typical fracture sites. The shields are soft enough to be slept on comfortably.

If the pants are fitting comfortably around the waist then shield will generally be in the correct position. If you bought the garments with removable shields it doesn't matter which way up or which way  around the shields are placed in the pockets. Unlike other hip protectors, these are designed to be effective either way.

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