EBOS Attends Soft Pads


Attends Soft are thin and discrete pads with a soft and comfortable top sheet. 



The products are anatomically formed

Designed for fit, comfort and leakage protection

Strong absorbent core locks liquid inside

Odour Protection 

Breathable textile backsheet 

Adhesive strip ensures the pad stays in place and reduces the chance of any leaks



Easy to recognize by the blue colour coding on the Attends Soft bag


Skin stays healthy due to breathable backsheet

Dryness and feeling of long lasting security



Mini: 200 - 299ml

Mini Long: 200 - 299ml

Extra: 450 - 599ml

Super: 800 - 1000ml



Soft 1-3 are now individually wrapped for even more hygiene, especially when you are away from home

Attends Soft 2-4 also come with foam elastics for even more security

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