EBOS Attends Pull Ons

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Attends Pull-Ons are an absorbent stretchy pant to support you with incontinence.



Anatomically shaped

Provides a secure fit and protection from leakage

Flexible fit and breathable back sheet 

New improved design has Attends Active Zone core technology which provides fast absorption where it is really needed.  This provides exceptional skin dryness & improved leaskage protection for the user

Technology enables product to absorb more quickly and lock away wetness 

Breathable material which enables the skin to breathe, contributing to improved skin health

Natural Odour Protection reduces the risk of unpleasant smells

Designed to support the skins natural PH balance



Can be put on and taken off easily

Can be used for bladder and bowel weakness

Have the feeling of normal underwear, increasing the feeling of 

Helps prevent skin dryness


Sizing Guide:

Measurements are based on waist size

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