EBOS Attends Care Foam Spray

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 A great product for a gentle body wash that absorbs into the skin. Ideal for those spending a large amount of time in bed who are unable to be showered, or simply those wanting to freshen up.



Practical, user-friendly packaging

Includes Chamomile and Citrus Essence 

Extra mild and skin friendly



400ml spray


User Guide:

In the Cleanse range, you will find Cleansing Foam, Wet Wipes and Washing Lotion on top of practical products like Dry Cleansing Wipes and Skin Cleansing Gloves. 

Natural, gentle ingredients like Chamomile and Citrus Essence make the cleansing products extra mild and skin friendly. 


After cleansing, the skin often needs additional treatment to be fully protected. In the Care-range, you will find Body Milk, Hydro Gel and Care Cream. A variety of natural ingredients and carefully selected vitamins (Chamomile, D-Panthenol, Vitamin E, Provitamin B5 and Wheat Germ Oil) have a protecting and regenerating effect even on the most sensitive and brittle skin. 

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