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Cubro Softech Comfort Hip Protector 



These Hip Protectors are a comfortable and discreet cotton undergarment that considerably decrease the risk of bone and hip fractures in the event of a fall.

Suitable for those suffering from osteoporosis, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, diseases of the joints, or simply those at risk of falling.

Located on the hip areas of the undergarment are protective, removable pads that absorb no less than 60% of the impact caused by a fall.

This unique, shock-absorbing, foam-like material originates from aero space technology and is thin and very flexible, adapting to the body’s shape.

The product has been tested thoroughly by the State University Groningen and Infotronic - a testing institute linked to the Technical University Twente.

Suitable for wearing during the day and night, Hip Protectors offer round the clock peace of mind.

They have shown to develop self confidence in the user and encourage freedom of movement.



Optimal shock absorption

Wearable day and night

Removable protection pads



Medically tested

Retains its form

Cotton pants washable at 90°C

Removable pads washable at 60°C

Recommended by medical specialists

Comes with a pack of 3 pants, 1 set pads


Sizing Guide:

XS -  Hip Measurement: 750mm - 850mm

L -   Hip Measurement: 1150mm - 1300mm

XXL - Hip Measurement: 1300mm - 1450mm 

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