Cocoon Lift Recliner Chair - Single Power - Christmas Special

Save $200.00

Christmas Special of this Superior French Recliner Chair in limited colours of potentially browns and origan blue come with a fixed side table and device holder for a limited time during December and January along with EQ+ Rewards once you join up to our Loyalty Programme.

The Cocoon Lift Recliner Chair - Single Power - Generation 2 is the ultimate lift chair for comfort and functionality. Exquisitely soft, the Cocoon relieves pressure points and offers superior pressure care by immersing the whole body in the quilt. 

Excellent for maintaining autonomy as it lifts to the required position and with its multiple movement functions including moveable arms and pressure relieving points.

As this chair has one motor only, it means that the back support and the footrest work synchronised, so while you recline the chair, the footrest will lift up at the same moment.

The removable, breathable and waterproof quilt set enables easy cleaning.


When Aesthetics and Healthcare are No.1 - 8 Reasons to choose the Cocoon Lift Recliner Chair:
- Relieves pressure points by immersing the whole body’s patient in the quilt
- To fight against infections
- Removable and Washable back and seat base and armrests
- Comfortably replace the Quilt sets – low cost repairing of your Armchair
- Allows medical care access - move-able arms, allowing the positioning of raising-patient straps and makes ease of transfer
- Modify or Adapt the dimensions to the user - 2-seat base widths and 2-seat base depths - adjustable
- Maintain Patient's Autonomy - lifts to required position in a two-step process. - Armchair lifts up first, then tilts forward in a second step.
- Secured & reversible remote control
- Maximum Weight: 130kg
- 3 coatings with colour options
- Generation 2 model has loose cushions by the armrests
Options: - Width options available – 2 seat base widths, 2 seat base depths,
- Patient-raising access Kit
- Mobility kit
Optional Seat base sizes: Width: 440 or 500mm x Depth: 450 or 550mm x Seat Height: 430mm



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