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Our washable face masks come with elastic ear loops that can be easily adjusted to fit your face. These facemasks do not come with surgical ties or a helix iso filter. However, these masks come with an extra pocket for a filter to be inserted.

100% cotton

Wire nose bridge to ensure the mask fits snuggly on your face.

Elastic Adjustable ear loops

This comfortable mask is made with 2 layers of 100% cotton and shaped to fit over the nose / mouth. The flexible nose bridge can be moulded to ensure a good fit.

Ear to ear measurements

Child: 28cm (Extra with bead)

Adult Medium: 28cm (Extra with bead)

Adult Large: 33cm (Extra with bead)

Please choose carefully as there are no refunds for the facemask for health reasons

More Details

This mask is not PPE Certified. If using with a HELIX.iso filter, the filter has been scientifically tested to remove 80% of invisible particles at breathing flow rates but the facemask as a whole has not been tested. It is designed for general public use. We cannot guarantee wearing this mask will eliminate the risk of infection or contracting a disease.

We have tried to keep our masks affordable. We are using 100% cotton and paying our NZ sewing team well, so have decided as a company to price them with minimal profit so we can keep our prices down

Basic hygiene measures are the best way to stop the spread of infections, including COVID-19. As we all know, these include:

Washing hands regularly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, or cleansing with hand sanitiser.

Staying at home if you are sick

Coughing or sneezing into a tissue or your elbow, then washing hands

Avoid touching your face

Cleaning surfaces and frequently touched items

If using a filter, remove this first.   The filter is single use only.  Wash mask separately in warm water.  Can we washed up to 60c.


Please ensure you wash the mask before use

Before using it make sure you have washed your hands

Once mask is on your face, do not touch it again

When you take off the mask, clean immediately and wash your hands

The mask 100% reusable and washable.  Filters are one time use only

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