Bock Belluno Companion Bed Base's

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Two bock Belluno Single 4-section electric beds.

Both Belluno beds have a 4-section electric back and leg section with automatic triple action knee break and a simple release latch to separate beds. 

Sprung slat bases for advanced pressure care, comfort, durability and ventilation.

The attractive matching end boards give the appearance of a domestic bed.

 Each Bed  : 

4-section electric bed including automatic triple action kneebreak and height adjustment

Sprung slat base for pressure care and ventilation

Mattress compensation backrest on super single and double models

Mains isolation prevents the generation of electric fields

Beech wood head and endboard for ease of cleaning

All function hand controller with integrated disabler control and adjustable rail clamp

High grade coiled cable with strain relief and anti-kink feature to protect against cable damage

Battery for emergency lowering

Protection against moisture (IPX4)

Maximum user weight: 165 kg

Overall dimensions: W 1030 L 2160 mm

Safe working load: 200 kg

Warranty: Electronics - 2 years, Frame - 5 years


Backrest angle adjustment: 70 degrees

Braking: Individual braking

Castor size: 4x 100 castors mm

Clearance height: 150 mm

Compliance: ISO 14971 Meets German Federal Inst. for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Products Standards

Knee angle adjustment: 35 degrees

Mattress platform: 370 - 830 mm

Minimum client requirements: 40kg l H 1460 mm

Product weight: 87 kg

Sleeping surface dimensions: W 900 L 2000 mm


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