Electric Hoist - Car Boot Foldable


The hoist is designed to fit a range of cars and has a lifting capacity of up to 40 kg and under no circumstance should the hoist system be made to exceed this weight limit. Subjecting the lift system to the strain of lifting more than it's design may cause it to fall.

It is portable and easy to assemble which allow the user to take the hoist away on holiday or use it multiple of cars. 

The hoist requires no bolting or modification made to any vehicle; it is also supplied with a key fob for remote control and is either powered by the scooter it lifts or by an external battery unit.



The portable car hoist is the only non-permanent car hoist available in the market today and is ideal for use with our range of folding mobility scooters and electric folding Freedom Chairs.



Benefits and features of the Atlas 4 portable car hoist:


 – Maximum load capacity of 40kg



 – Automatic up and down function



 – Swinging boom for ease of use



 – Boom is foldable and removable as needed



 – Multiple power options



 – Remote control option



 – Parcel shelf can still be used in your car



 – Easy to move from one vehicle to another




Assembly process:


 – Lay all parts on the floor



 – Connect the Supporting Bar to the Securing Bar



 – Place the boom base on top of the securing bar ensuring that the bolt holes are in line



 – Using the four bolts supplied – secure the boom base to the securing bar with the supplied Allen key



 Atlas Hoist Fitting process:


 – Place the frame into the boot with the Boom Base situated to the left of the boot lip and the Supporting Bar running left to right alongside the inside of the boot lip



 – Using the ratchet lever, ratchet the hoist frame against the rear seat and boot lip until the frame is fully secured



 – Insert the Boom Arm into the Boom Base and ensure that the securing catch is lifted, then released once the Boom Arm is firmly secured



 – Connect and secure Power Cable to the Boom




How to operate the Atlas 4 Portable Car Hoist:


 – Swing the Boom Arm outwards to its outmost position



 – Ensure the scooter or wheelchair is positioned in the correct position for lifting



 – Press and hold the ‘Down’ button to lower the hoist



 – Connect the Lifting Hook securely to the scooter or wheelchair



 – Press and hold the ‘Up’ button to raise the scooter above the boot lip, steadying the scooter to ensure it does not come in to contact with the vehicle



 – Carefully swing the Boom inwards into the boot



 – Press and hold the ‘Down’ button to lower the hoist until the scooter or wheelchair is firmly placed on the vehicle floor



 – Remove the Lifting Hook from the scooter or wheelchair



 – Press and hold the ‘Up’ button to retract the hoist Lifting Strap and Hook



 – Disconnect the Power Supply



 – Lower the Boom Arm and remove the Boom Base by lifting on the release and secure catch



 – Stow the Boom Arm securely and close the boot



 Component list:


 – Boom Arm



 – Height locating slots



 – Securing Bar



 – Supporting Bar



 -  Ratchet and Ratchet Lever



 – Release and Securing Catch



 – Boom Base



 – Bolts and Allen Key



 – Lifting strap and hook



 – Up and Down button



 – Power Cable



NOTE: Battery Pack is Extra

 Key safety points:


 – The Atlas 4 should never be operated by a child or anyone not deemed appropiate to operate the equipment



 – It should be fully secured before operating



 – Always ensure there are no signs of damage before use



 – Never exceed the maximum loading capacity



 – Misuse of the Atlas 4 could result in serious injury





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