Glow Tape

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Glow tape to help make it easier to find things in the dark.

The tape has unlimited range of use. Absorbs and stores light from the light source (natural, fluorescent, tungsten, halogen etc.) It is highly visible to the human eye in the dark. It features quick charging, zero electricity and strong acrylic adhesive. 

Instruction for use

After exposure to artificial or natural light, the tape will glow for ten hours in total darkness.

Used for safely escape signs, panels, tapes, stickers, labels, and covering. Place a strip on a light switch, alarm clock, stair treads, glasses case, telephone, walls, handrail, columns, around door-frames, and along stairways and baseboards to illuminate their position. 

Width - 20mm, Length - 3m, Weight- 62g

Width - 50mm, Length - 3 m, Weight -152g


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