Ramp - Ranch Slider (Tapered Sides)

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The ranch slider ramps are made to fit against a sliding door threshold, wider than the standard threshold ramps at 1.2 metres




Made from recycled car tyres sourced in New Zealand

The ramps have a square base with tapered sides and are designed to fit up to the lower edge of the aluminium joinery.

The ramps are heavy enough to stay in position without being fixed

Portable options that can be taken with you to friends houses/ cafes/ parks

Custom made options are available to offer the smoothest transition possible for any sized doors, inside or out


Standard Size Options (Tapered sides):

Height x Length x Width

25mm x 250 x 1200mm

50mm x 450 x 1200mm

75mm x 600 x 1200mm



Guaranteed for 5 years from wear and tear with standard usage.

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