Ramp - Ranch Slider (Tapered Sides)

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We use 100% recycled car tires to make bespoke rubber ramps to your specifications.  The rubber ramps perfectly eliminate the possibility of tripping on a step along a path or in a doorway. 

Able Axcess are the leading suppliers of aluminium mobility ramps for residential and commercial disability access. We manufacture rubber threshold ramps, wheelchair ramps, and now level shower inserts

View our the standard sizes on our online shop to instantly buy rubber access ramps or request a quote for specific sizing and shipping.

Bespoke rubber ramps can be made to suit your environment with level platforms, tapering sides or raised curbs for safety. We also offer aluminium handrails for larger ramps if required.


 Recycled Rubber Threshold Ramp

The ramps are heavy enough to stay in position without being fixed.

Custom made to suit any doorway, ranch slider or step.

Portable options that can be taken with you to friends houses/ cafes/ parks.

Guaranteed for 5 years from wear and tear with standard usage.

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